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Being one of the largest residential developers in Poland carries responsibilities. For more than 20 years, we have been creating living spaces for thousands of people – we design, build and develop integrated housing estates. Therefore we have to conduct our business in a responsible and sustainable manner.


We put the people and their needs at the center of our interests, while respecting the natural environment.
Our operations and projects influence the environment which is why we focus on designing housing estates in line with the 15-minute cities concept, offering innovative ecological solutions, caring for biodiversity, protecting the environment and reducing our carbon footprint.
We are a transparent and supportive employer. We focus on diversity in the work environment and we believe that the people who create it are the driving force behind our innovation.
We work with local communities and we are committed to creating a better, more sustainable world for us and for future generations.

22 years


30 000


90 000


1,505 bln PLN


27 800


4 739






CSR activity


* As of December 31st, 2022


Oscar Kazanelson

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Eyal Keltsh

President of the Management Board

Marta Hejak

Vice-President of the Management Board, Chief Financial Officer

Artur Ceglarz

Vice-President of the Management Board

Dariusz Pawlukowicz

Vice-President of the Management Board


with a vision

Our goal at ROBYG is to build homes and suitable surroundings for our clients. We don’t only create individual buildings, but friendly housing estates for quality living for whole communities, which are integrated with their surrounding.
We aim to build for the benefit of our clients, with consideration for the already existing natural resources and communities.‎


We lead a sustainable development process while fully respecting the natural environment. For ROBYG, construction is part of a new community shaping process, which combines such elements as building construction, developing infrastructure and shaping green areas, as well as recreational, integration and relaxation areas. We truly believe that not only are we laying foundations for new residential areas, but also communities for people, who will be more than simply neighbors, to each other.



The protection of natural resources and care for the environment are very important to us, hence we implement ecological solutions in our housing estates.


We provide support for foundations, communities and for those in need within our communities, we cooperate with local businesses and we take part in local cultural and sporting events.


We act responsibly, choosing to cooperate with local businesses, caring for the environment, and adopting best corporate governance practices.


We build the company’s
value through:
  • Focusing on projects with a high return on investment ratio
  • Early identification of attractive locations
  • Appropriate business and legal risk mitigation
  • Diversification of real-estate projects
  • Obtaining financing for real-estate project development
  • Limiting risk through creating a special purpose company for each real-estate project
  • Efficient management of real-estate projects
  • A good reputation and rich experience of management staff
  • Our ability to adapt the offer to clients’ expectations


and ecology
as a priority

We build safe and secure buildings, using modern technologies and proven solutions and materials.


Our leading role is clearly visible in the adaptation of new trends and technologies, which we implement as standard to the Polish market. We cooperate with local companies, subcontractors and suppliers.


ROBYG with the Forbes Diamond

Distinction in the ranking of dynamically developing companies in Poland

ROBYG appreciated during the ESG Innovators gala

The social campaign “Caring for Water” received a distinction

Orły ESG

Award from „Rzeczpospolita” during European Economic Congress 2023

ROBYG among the top 100 developers in the ranking

3rd place in 2023 edition

Distinction in the ranking of dynamically developing companies in Poland

From Forbes Magazine

Best Employer of the Year 2023

Distinction from Gazeta Finansowa

Pomeranian Artistic Award 2022

Nomination in the Patronage of Culture category

Best Employer of the Year 2022

Distinction from Gazeta Finansowa

Distinction in the category of social innovation

From Polskie Stowarzyszenie ESG

ROBYG among the top 100 developers in the ranking

From Builder Magazine

2nd place in the ranking – Construction Leaders

Award from Builder Magazine

3rd place in the Ranking of the best investments in Gdańsk – Wiśniowa Aleja


The title of a well-regarded company

The award granted by the Business Center Club

ROBYG in the group of the best employers in 2021

Distinction in the ranking of Gazeta Finansowa

Nadmotlawie one of the Most Interesting Residential Investments of 2021

Distinction in the ranking of Gazeta Finansowa

Zajezdnia Wrzeszcz as the Best Investment of the Month

Title awarded by in the Tricity market

Distinction in the ranking of the Best Housing Investments in Gdańsk

Award from

Distinction in the ranking of the most valuable companies in Poland

Award granted by the Institute of European Business

Nagroda PP Robyg
Park Południe the best investment of Q4 2021

Title awarded by in the Tricity market

ZiW Nagroda 2021
Distinction in the ranking of the Best Housing Investments in Gdańsk

Award from


We give more

Our aim is to show and deliver products – apartments and residential areas – made to a higher standard than other comparable market products with regard to price and location.


We offer higher quality at affordable prices while applying modern, innovative and eco-friendly solutions, which allow our Clients to save time and money.


We create spaces that are friendly to people and the planet. We act responsibly. We focus on cooperation with local businesses.

Sustainable development is deeply rooted in the strategy and business model of ROBYG. Residential property development is a sector, where responsible behavior is essential for the environment, the community, for our employees and business partners. At ROBYG, we believe that property development is more than just construction of a building, because by running our business we change the existing environment or create completely new urban areas, an important part of which are green areas and recreational areas for residents, which at the same time support biodiversity in the city.

Construction is a process in which not only buildings but also communities are built. Therefore, at ROBYG Group, we make every effort to ensure that both our residents and neighbors live in a healthy, friendly and ecological environment. We act responsibly, choosing to cooperate with local businesses, taking care of the environment and managing our company responsibly.

ROBYG’s strategy for sustainable development is structured around 3 pillars of impact: environment, society and corporate governance.

Our values



Corporate governance

Areas of influence

ROBYG for Planet

ROBYG for People

ROBYG for Responsible Businesses

Our mission

ROBYG for the Planet means that we lead a sustainable development process, while fully respecting the natural environment in all our projects.

The protection and care of natural resources, increasing the popularity of a sustainable lifestyle and promotion of biodiversity are very important to us, hence we implement ecological solutions on all our housing estates.

For us, construction is part of a new community shaping process, which combines such elements as building housing estates, developing infrastructure, shaping green areas, as well as recreational, integration and relaxation places. We truly believe that we are not only laying foundations for new residential areas, but also for communities.

We also take our social footprint into consideration by having the ambition to be an employer that attracts, retains and develops people.

ROBYG for People is also about building a community of ROBYG satisfied customers.

We act responsibly, choosing to cooperate with local businesses, caring for the environment, and managing the company responsibly while delivering strong financial performance.

Sustainable governance also means that we communicate about our business in a clear and transparent manner.

Our values






100% of renewable energy during the construction process in ROBYG by the end of 2024.



For over 70% of ROBYG housing concepts to be in line with the 15-minute city concept and increase to over 80% by end of 2025.



ROBYG as the leader in incorporating biodiversity & water policy in all its housing development projects.


Be the housing developer that local communities & neighbors welcome and value the most.



Be the employer of first choice within the housing development sector in Poland.
Balanced Gender Diversity in governance bodies & managerial positions:  at least 30% representation of women on the company board by the end of 2025.
ROBYG Zero Accidents: the ultimate goal is to have no accidents.



Maintain a ratio of over 80% satisfied clients after hand overs and increase to 90% by the end of 2025.


Launch the ROBYG ESG Website in early autumn 2021.



Announce the ROBYG ESG Strategy in autumn 2021 (and be regarded as the leader in ESG on the Polish housing development market).
Before the end of April 2022, publish the 1st ROBYG ESG Report in GRI Standards (Core).
Become a signatory of the UNGC and report on the 10 principles.


Through our activities, we support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals for 2015-2030, in particular:


Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages
Goal 5


Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls
Goal 6


Ensure availability and sustainable
management of water and sanitation for all
Goal 7


Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all
Goal 8


Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all


Reduce inequality within and among countries
Goal 111


Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable
Goal 12


Ensure sustainable consumption and
production patterns
Goal 13


Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts
Goal 15


Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss
Goal 16


Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels
Goal 17


Strengthen the means of implementation
and revitalize the global partnership for
sustainable development

Get to know ROBYG’s ESG strategy better Download


Our approach to the environment and climate change

In ROBYG, we care about the natural environment. We strive for respect, protection and restoration of the natural environment by switching to renewable sustainable energy sources, reducing carbon dioxide emissions, implementing low-emission solutions and reducing the consumption of natural resources on our housing estates. In addition, we protect water resources and introduce elements of biodiversity that absorb carbon dioxide.


Goal 6

Clean water and sanitation


We use solutions that promote lower water retention like ponds, basins, ditches, rain gardens, retention tanks, retention-filtration tanks, infiltration boxes, green roofs. We apply construction standards that take into account the protection of water and biodiversity. We use rainwater to water the common areas of our housing estates (18 estates). We use deep wells.

Goal 7

Affordable and clean energy


We use low-emission solutions. As part of the EU’s Fit for 55 package, we have committed to reducing electricity consumption. We use renewable electricity in the construction process – 85% in 2022 vs. 54% in 2021. As part of ROBYG’s Green Standard, we use solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We promote and use renewable energy – 1,545 photovoltaic panels on the roofs of buildings completed in 2022.

Goal 111

GOAL 11:
Sustainable cities and communities

We build housing developments with the need to reduce carbon emissions, protect biodiversity and water resources in mind.

Goal 13

GOAL 13:
Climate action

100% of ROBYG housing estates have a minimum of 5 low-emission solutions. Implementing ROBYG Green Standard. Declaration to use 100% electricity from renewable energy sources in construction processes by the end of 2024. Promotion and solutions for electro-mobility and micro-mobility in ROBYG housing estates.

Goal 15

Life on land

We implement the assumptions of the ROBYG Group Environmental Policy. We take care of the protection of animal and plant species, among other things, by using appropriate guidelines for the green landscape architects and designers. 100% of our estates have biodiversity-friendly solutions, including offsetting the impact of our developments by creating new green areas, such as on garage slabs, roofs or walls. We apply land analysis for sustainability in the due diligence process.


What makes our housing estates unique?

  • Carefully designed green areas that ensure water retention, biodiversity and protection of small animals and insects (wildflower meadows, rain gardens, birdhouses, insect hotels, and ivy facades)
  • EV charging stations in the public areas and for selected underground parking spaces
  • Bicycle stands and repair stations as well as a micromobility friendly infrastructure
  • PV system generating electricity for common areas inside the buildings (lighting in hallways, staircases, lobbies, and fitness areas and children’s playrooms)
  • Smart House solution by Keemple which enables remote control of home electronics, heating, and security systems which leads to reduced consumption of resources such as energy and heating
  • Motion detectors and twilight switches allowing for energy savings in common areas



Electric car chargers



On our housing estates we install chargers for electric cars, thus supporting the development of electromobility in Poland.

Photovoltaic panels



On the roofs of our buildings we install systems to obtain energy from renewable sources. Photovoltaics significantly reduces the consumption of carbon-intensive energy in common areas.

LED lighting



In the common areas of the buildings we use energy-efficient and environmentally friendly LED lighting.

Environmentally friendly exterior insulation


We reduce primary energy consumption by using appropriate building materials, bright facade colors, roller shutters and green vines on the exterior walls.

Ecological roofs



Inverted roofs of buildings with gravel surface technology allow for water retention and reduce overheating.

Smart House System by Keemple



We offer the environmentally friendly Smart House by Keemple system as standard, which reduces the consumption of utilities by up to 30%.

Solar benches



We will set up solar benches on our estates to charge mobile devices thanks to solar energy.

Walkways made of anti-smog cube


For construction of walkways we use anti-smog cube, which helps to reduce the amount of harmful substances in the air.

Triple-glazed windows and anti-smog ventilators


For the sake of air quality and energy saving, we install triple-pane windows with anti-smog ventilators.

Birdhouses and insect houses



By erecting insect houses and birdhouses we create safe living places for animals in the city.

Micromobility Friendly Estates



Our estates are equipped with bike racks, bike stations, and bike repair stations that allow residents to safely store and service their bikes on their own.

Green and recreational areas on the estate


We create friendly, green places for recreation and sport, thus promoting active and healthy lifestyle.

15-minute neighbourhoods



We reduce our carbon footprint by building neighborhoods according to the idea of 15-minute cities, providing residents with most of their living needs close to where they live.

Rain gardens and green walls



By creating rain gardens, we help to retain water and protect water resources. Green walls help to fight against air pollution and urban heat islands.

Flower meadows



We plant flower meadows, which provide habitat for birds and insects, increasing biodiversity.

Weather systems and motion detectors


We reduce heat and power consumption by installing weather management systems and motion sensors.


We build new, integrated communities of satisfied clients. We care about the safety of our employees and associates, and their satisfaction from cooperating with us. Our activities are guided by a social principle based on mutual respect and trust, and the creation of friendly conditions which support the development of person’s potential. Additionally, social well-being means that we take into consideration our impact on local communities we feel obliged to support them.


Goal 3:
Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

As part of the ROBYG Human Balance Standard, we focus on implementation of 11 solutions to improve the quality of life for residents of our estates. We provide employees with private medical care. We are involved in health promotion and charity initiatives.

Goal 5

Goal 5:
Gender equality


ROBYG is a signatory to the Diversity Charter. Gender equality and respect for human rights are governed by ROBYG’s management policies. 69% of the ROBYG Group employees are women. 51 % of ROBYG Construction’s employees are women. 56% of the management team are women. We aim to achieve 30% female representation on the Supervisory Board and Management Board of ROBYG S.A. by 2025

Goal 8

Goal 8:
Decent work and economic growth

We promote a safe working environment throughout the whole supply chain. We monitor the accident rate. Every zloty earned by ROBYG is another zloty in the Polish economy.

Goal 10:
Reduce inequality within and among countries

ROBYG runs support programs to redress inequalities. They are aimed at people in need and young people from rural areas who, thanks to the scholarship, are able to continue their education.

Goal 111

Goal 11:
Sustainable cities and communities

In 2022, 97% of ROBYG S.A.’s investments were made in line with the 15-minute city concept. We fight the urban heat island effect by using solutions that reduce gas emissions and temperature. We create barrier-free estates. We design in line with the idea of active design, creating conditions for physical activity.


Our approach to human capital management is regulated by the following documents:

  • Work Regulations, including Remote Work Regulations
  • Payroll Regulations
  • ROBYG Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) program
  • ROBYG Code of Conduct


We provide safe and comfortable working conditions to all ROBYG employees, associates, and people working on construction sites. We monitor regulations and guidelines related to health and safety as well as Polish and European legislation on an ongoing basis.

Standardization of requirements on the construction site

We have implemented Occupational Safety and Health procedures to meet legal requirements, including the identification of hazards on construction sites, instructions for employees and subcontractors, and standardization of safety processes on construction sites. Our OHS documents are standardized and enable:

  • presentation of regulations and requirements on construction sites in a clear and understandable way for all employees and associates, regardless of the time and form of employment
  • ensuring the safety of ROBYG employees and subcontractors
  • facilitating integration of new employees by the Project Manager

Contractors and subcontractors are our business partners committed to adhering to relevant standards, therefore we provide them with the following policies and procedures:

  • Introducing the contractor and subcontractor to the construction site
  • Safety and Health Protection Plan
  • Scaffolding standard with scaffolding acceptance procedures and checklists

Employment and diversity

In 2021, we joined the group of signatories of the Diversity Charter. The aim of this international initiative, present in 26 European countries, is to undertake activities related to the promotion of diversity and equal opportunities in employment. The signing of the Charter by ROBYG confirms its activities to date and a commitment to further improvement in this area.


The Diversity Charter is an international project supported by the European Commission aimed at promoting diversity and implementing solutions for equal treatment in the workplace. By signing the Charter, the employer declares the company’s readiness to involve all its employees, as well as business and social partners in anti-discrimination activities.


One important aspect in promoting diversity is the position of women in the company. Nearly 500 people work in the ROBYG Capital Group. Women represent over 50% of all ROBYG employees and 43% of the management staff.


Employee benefits and development

  • Bonus system
  • A program of specialized trainings in the field of e-marketing, e-commerce, soft skills, law and finance, as well as English lessons
  • Additional health care and pension scheme
  • Additional life insurance
  • MultiSport card
  • Modern offices
  • Sports and integration events
  • Friendly working atmosphere


We focus on simple and transparent communication with potential and existing clients. For people who buy an apartment for the first time, we have provided a practical step by step guide named “My Apartment” where we guide them through the entire process.
In addition, we regularly conduct client satisfaction surveys. Currently, 80% of our clients are very satisfied after apartment hand over. We want to improve this ratio to 90% by 2025.


For many years, we have been involved in local initiatives. We support art, culture, education, sport, and helped sick children and their families. The Sponsoring Policy of ROBYG Group is a document that regulates and outlines areas in which we want to provide assistance.


Helping those most in need during a pandemic.


We also undertook numerous activities related to helping in the face of the coronavirus epidemic – we actively supported the needy, seniors and Warsaw Uprising insurgents, as well as medical institutions. In 2020, ROBYG donated over PLN 250,000 in total for support and co-financing.


We have implemented appropriate policies, procedures, and mechanisms that integrate ethical, social, environmental, and risk management issues in our business, protect the brand and reputation of ROBYG SA, build long-term value for all stakeholders, and ensure good financial results.

  • We implement ESG practices in the daily management of the company and in our operating activities
  • Since 2021, we publish annual ESG reports


Our organizational culture as well as ethics and compliance are regulated at the operational level by the following documents:





Goal 12

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

We meet our objectives and targets in accordance with the ROBYG Group’s Environmental Policy. We cooperate with energy suppliers with a high share of renewable energy. We cooperate with local suppliers.

Goal 16

Promote peaceful and inclusive societies

We have procedures preventing child labour and contemporary slavery. We support public institutions. We train our employees on compliance with the anti-corruption policies.

Goal 17

Partnerships to achieve the Goal

In 2022, we joined the Polish ESG Association. We are the first Polish company in the European Climate Pact. ROBYG S.A. is participating in the initiative of the UN Global Compact. ROBYG S.A. is actively involved in the Polish Association of Developers, promoting sustainable construction. In 2022 ROBYG S.A. was a partner of an important ESG event – Responsible Business Week. We support local governments in the development of local infrastructure.


1. Preparation and implementation of the required corporate document policy, including a code of conduct for suppliers and subcontractors

2. Focus on educating employees and managerial staff in the field of ESG strategy and ESG activities at ROBYG

3. Regular training for employees on the Code of Conduct, including anti-corruption training at least once-a-year

4. Suppliers, contractors and other cooperating entities are required to be acquainted with the ROBYG Code of Conduct

Basic corporate documents

The Articles of Association of ROBYG S.A.                – download PDF
Business Register of the National Court Register – download PDF


100% of Robyg S.A. shares are owned by TAG Beteiligungs- und Immobilienverwaltungs GmbH from TAG Immobilien
AG Group with its headquarters in Hamburg


Since 2021, ROBYG has been committed to the United Nations Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and it’s principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption.

Polish Association of Developers
Diversity Charter
United Nations Global Compact


We are pleased to present the ESG reports of the ROBYG Group.

Like the strategy, they have been divided into three areas of interest: environment, society and corporate governance. It presents data per the GRI 2021 standards and the degree of implementation of its own indicators specified in the strategy.

We give more – this idea has been guiding ROBYG’s activities for years. In the reports, we present our achievements, clearly define our goals and indicate areas that are particularly important to us. One of them is the carbon footprint and our impact on the environment.


Download the report and see how we operate

ROBYG ESG Report 2021 Download

ROBYG ESG Report 2022 Download

ROBYG for the Planet

Being aware that the construction sector impact on the planet, at ROBYG we have been designing and building with the environment in mind for many years. Buildings and their construction currently account for 39% of total greenhouse gas emissions. For this reason, at ROBYG we are seeking and implementing solutions to minimize the carbon footprint emitted during the course of our construction work and during the use of the buildings by future residents. These solutions are included in the ROBYG Green Standards, which also takes into account the area of water management and biodiversity protection in our estates. We strive to implement our developments in line with the idea of 15-minute cities, so that residents can meet all their needs within 15 minutes of leaving their homes by walking or cycling.


ROBYG for the Community

For us, the social environment includes ROBYG’s employees, associates, our customers as well as local communities including neighborhoods. , our suppliers and subcontractors, the people who use the public infrastructure implemented by us. In this first report, we focus on showcasing ROBYG as an employer that attracts, retains and develops people and cares about their safety both on our construction sites and in offices.
We also present our relationship with clients – educational campaigns, joint charitable activities involving clients and ROBYG, how we take care of clients’ safety, as well as their level of satisfaction of the cooperation with our group.
We also point out our commitment to local communities – not only sponsorship and charitable campaigns, but also our contribution to urban and infrastructure development and our support for Polish small and medium-sized companies that we choose as our subcontractors and suppliers.

ROBYG for sustainable business

At ROBYG, we care about our bottom line by acting responsibly, which for us means conducting our business in a transparent and sustainable manner. For this reason, we are also involved in international initiatives for sustainable development such as the UN Global Compact and the European Climate Pact.
In ROBYG Group’s 2021 ESG report, we present our regulations and commitments, which consist of 15 documents, including ROBYG Group’s Environmental Policy and Code of Conduct for Suppliers and Subcontractors. We identify our Stakeholders, how we communicate with them and the way to identify key indicators in ESG reporting.
ROBYG is the only home builder in Poland that published Impact Report. The Impact Report shows the changes and influence on that occurred as a result of the company’s operations in the social and economic field.
Our Impact Report summarize for you what is the total economic impact of ROBYG. Our total economic impact is the sum of direct, indirect and induced impact. The multiplier effect shows the impact of our activities on the Polish economy.



ROBYG is the only home builder  in Poland that published Impact Report. The Impact Report shows the changes and influence on that occurred as a result of the company’s operations in the social and economic field.

Our Impact Report will summarize  for you what is the total economic impact of ROBYG. Our total economic impact is the sum of direct, indirect and induced impact. The multiplier effect shows the impact of our activities on the Polish economy.

The total economic effect of ROBYG’s operations in 2020 is approximately
PLN 523 million. The value generated by ROBYG circulates through the economy stimulating various sectors and spurring it up their production.

Each Zloty of added value generated
by ROBYG creates almost another
Zloty of added value in the entire
Polish economy

The impact of the ROBYG group

Gross added value [PLN million]

Direct impact


Indirect impact


Induced impact


Total effect





We plan and build our estates so that they are as useful for the residents as possible, our influence is not limited to the closest vicinity of our investments. We implement infrastructure projects that contribute to the development of entire cities and increase their functionality.


The investments include Road construction, bridges, parks, recreational and sports facilities and green areas, sewage and heating networks and even kindergartens and sports fields.

Did you know ?

In 2022 we spend around 129 mln zł for infrastructure investment. In addition, to complete investments which we started or continued during 2022, we will incur  additional expenses of in the amount of 311 million PLN.


over 530 companies

is the number of subcontractors that we works with us every day in Poland

100% of our subcontractors

are polish companies majority are  small and medium-sized family businesses.

about 3000 people

work on our construction sites every day and carry out additional orders and work for us (people not employed at ROBYG)

781 suppliers of products and services

work for and with ROBYG

approx. 976 million zł

of production value was generated by of our suppliers and subcontractors in terms of  products and services during 2020 thanks to our activities

6% of all employees in Poland

are jobs in the construction industry

over 98%

suppliers of products and services for ROBYG, comes from Poland


the proportion of the added value generated by the ROBYG Group that goes toward the reinvestment and further growth


Additional influence resulting from our activity is the so-called fiscal effect, which consists of taxes and contributions paid to the state budget and local government units. By Paying taxes and other official fees in Poland, we contribute to the state budget and the budgets of the communes in which we operate.

approx. 87 mln zł

is the amount we paid to the government budget and local government units in 2020

Did you know ?

The amount of taxes and official fees ROBYG paid in 2020 could fund the construction of almost 40 rehabilitation and physiotherapy centers.

Find out more in our report

To download:
Social and economic impact of ROBYG GROUP, 2020 DOWNLOAD PDF



The European Climate Pact, initiated by the European Commission, is part of the European Green Deal and will enable the EU to achieve climate neutrality in Europe by 2050, as the first continent in the world. The aim of the Green Deal is to balance the EU’s economy through converting climate and environmental challenges into opportunities and ensuring fair transformation.

By connecting systemic approaches – at the level of Green Deal policy with support for individual and institutional activities within the framework of the Climate Pact, together we have the chance to limit our negative impact on the climate.

Activities within the framework of the European Climate Pact, led by the Ambassadors, concentrate, in the first phase, on key areas from the point of view of benefits for citizens and the environment, i.e., in the area of green land, green mobility, energy saving buildings and ecological skills. The work of the Ambassador is therefore the co-creation of climate policy, conveying scientifically checked information and promoting pro-ecological activities as well as shaping a healthy and happy society, connecting local initiatives on a national and international level.



Head of ESG w Robyg

– was chosen by the European Commission as the Climate Pact Ambassador in Poland. Thanks to her nomination Anna Wojciechowska has joined the group of 19 such Ambassadors in Poland.

Meet other Climate Pact Ambassadors

ROBYG is the only company in Poland

that has a representative in the European Climate Pact.


Via the ECP ambassador, ROBYG has also committed to achieving the aims of the fight with climate change by submitting an official declaration, the realisation of which will be monitored by EU institutions. In this way ROBYG has joined pro-environmental activities by combatting greenwashing, which refers to activities created to give a false impression of being ecologically responsible while in actual fact achieving nothing.

Declaration 1

Disclosure of CO2 emissions due to ROBYG’s operational activities within scoope 1 and 2 in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (the most respected reporting standard for greenhouse gas emissions).
(Status for 2021 and 2022)

Declaration 2

Energy usage in the construction process to be 100% from renewable sources by the end of 2024.
(Status for 31.12.2022)